Music is a primary form of entertainment for people in all age groups.

Microimage Mobile Media together with Dialog Axiata launched the first-ever streaming application for Sri Lankan music – 'Thaala'. This on-demand streaming app allows users to listen to a large selection of Sinhala and Tamil songs from local artists on the go, plus, compile and store customized playlists no matter wherever you are.

In addition to offering music enthusiasts seamless access to the largest collection of Sri Lankan music, ‘Thaala’ also aims to promote and give due recognition to our performing artistes, and the application exclusively features legally acquired music. 'Thaala' is a totally Sri Lankan product that will protect and promote our local talents.

This is compatible on popular OS platforms such as Android and Apple iOS, and features a comprehensive library of Sri Lankan songs of varied genres that can be accessed by music enthusiasts using a Smartphone from anywhere in the world. Thaala is also available to access on the WEB. In addition, it allows users to share playlists with friends through its built-in social networking facility – the 'Thaala Community', and includes a list of innovative features such as dynamic playlist generation.


Thaala available on IOS, Android and web

Access Thaala on: