Software in Sinhala to simplify IT usage

4th October, 2005 By Renuka Basnayake - “Computers knowledge has become a compulsory subject today worldwide. In Sri Lanka the general conception is that English knowledge is a must to learn computers. But we at Microimage pride ourselves on being the innovators in language technology solutions. Our ‘Helawadana Nawayugaya’ software crosses a new frontier in making a vast number of computer benefits accessible to local language users,” said Harsha Purasighe, CEO of Microimage.

‘Heawadana Nawayugaya’ the latest Unicode feature by Microimage allows Sinhala language computer users to do almost everything with Windows based applications that English language users can do. These include working on MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a host of other popular windows based applications.

He further added that Microimage concentrates on making products as user- friendly as possible. Helawadana Nawayugaya has been designed for use by all types of users, including the government septor, corporate sector, home users and schools. Further the product is designed as a platform for local language products where the company plans to deliver innovative functions modules as upgrades time to time.

Helawadana Nawayugaya provides Unicode fonts as well as its previous non Unicode fonts. The software includes language spell checkers, find & replace functions, calculators, calendar, contact list and many more features.

Speaking at the launch of Helawadana Nawayugaya Dr.Gihan Dias, University of Moratuwa and Advisor to ICTA said that such software’s are a important factor to the development of IT sector in Sri Lanka. He noted that its about time that Sri Lanka is recognized internationally for its Computer and technology advancement since Sri Lanka has within its people what it takes to take the Sri Lankan IT market and education to international standards.