Throughout the history, disasters have destroyed lives and livelihoods, killing people, damaging homes and crippling economies. Our vulnerability to natural hazards is growing because population increases and more people are living in risky places. In Sri Lanka, over 34,000 people lost their lives due to the lack of a tsunami early warning system. While there would have been sufficient time to warn some of the coastal population, the lack of awareness regarding tsunamis, the lack of an early warning system, and the lack of training to respond to a warning inhibited the authorities and the local population from executing the proper measures which would have significantly reduced the loss of lives.

With mobile phones becoming increasing affordable and approximately half of the Sri Lankan population using GSM mobile phones, DEWN is in a good position to make use of this advantage to dispel emergency warnings. Suggestions for further improvement comprise expanding the geographical coverage, continuing how mobile technology can be utilized in disaster preparedness and early warning to monitor threats and support communities and improving the user experience with new technologies. 

The industry has recognized our efforts by awarding us the most distinct accolades we are proud to bear today where DEWN has won many local awards and recognized by GSM World Awards as commendable Solution. It was featured in many publications, seminars and conferences.

Therefore DEWN is a fully-fledged comprehensive alerting and early warning system that has the aptitude to provide the much needed assurance to the multitudes and all encounters of Sri Lanka with prior warning on impending emergency situations, thereby helping to reduce the adverse impact caused by disasters on the society and the economy.