vArchive - Media archive solutions that run the vArchive software are totally non - proprietary, conforming to IT industry standards throughout and seamlessly interfacing with your changing standards-based digital infrastructure.

Industry-standards protect your investment by providing compatibility with your network and applications.

  • Standard Network protocols.
  • Industry standard file security.
  • Industry standard HP ProLiant servers.
  • Microsoft® Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Enterprise operating system.
  • Add high-performance cluster-able Windows-powered file System (cluster services pre-installed).
  • Integration into your Windows environment is easy.
  • Your antivirus and backup applications run right on the box, and management has a familiar look and feel.
  • Make more efficient use of storage space using the file de -duplicating Single-instance Storage (SIS) feature and enjoy the benefits of other storage-specific tools like Indexed Search, Quotas, File Screening, Storage Reporting, and Distributed File System (DFS) Replication.
  • In mixed environments, you get the flexibility of heterogeneous support for additional protocols like NFS, HTTP, FTP, and WebDAV.
  • It's running Windows, so it integrates natively into your Active Directory (AD) .
  • You can manage and troubleshoot from outside the office at both the operating system level (with Remote Desktop or HTTPS) and at the platform level (using Integrated Lights -Out with the included Advanced Pack License).
  • Unlimited Client Access Licenses (CALs) included.

 Software Functionality

  • File transfers at many times real time.
  • Ability Backup Video Media & Meta Data in Archived Database
  • Ability to Restore Video Media & Meta Data to Play-out Server
  • Ability to Preview Archived Media
  • Ability to Permanently delete Video media & Meta Data from Archive
  • Ability Search Media from Title, Category, Author / Owner, Date, etc..

Microimage  vStation is a Collection of video Products. It consists of three main products. 

  • vStation Ad Feed (AF)
  • vStation Video Feed (VF)
  • vStation Live Feed (LF)

These solutions can be deployed of any DHT, Cable or IPTV Broadcaster who intends to generate revenue from advert insertion (Commercials, Logos, Crawlers, squeeze banners, stills etc…)/Automate Television Play Out or Enable participation television over 3G/4G mobile.


Microimage ventured into media applications in 2003 with development of a comprehensive Radio Automation Solution. Today Microimage mStudio is one of the most comprehensive & innovative radio automation solutions in the market.

We introduced impressively innovative platform for video content broadcast MicroimagevStation in 2008. Apart from platforms for media, we brought mobile convergence for both radio and video space with interactive radio and live participation TV.

Feel free to explore exciting platforms, solutions and interactive mobile applications.


Microimage mStudio is an integrated innovative radio automation platform with web/mobile convergence. The product consists of core functional modules for station automation and value added functional modules to provide a richer end user experience. Our solution enables station operators to provide host of value added features apart from core automation thus maximizing revenue potential with increase audience retention. The solutions modular architecture allows modular product implementation based on the needs of stations. Our solution can support any radio station ranging from small, medium to large for broadcast over free to air, DAB, Satellite, IP or mobile as the medium.



mConsole is an impressively innovative playout console with multi-mode playout options.


mCollector is a comprehensive rule based music scheduling module.


mBilling provides required features for invoicing and client management.


mTraffic provides comprehensive commercial traffic management & scheduling.


mInfoCenter is a comprehensive reporting / analysis and business intelligence component.


mNews provides workflow based solution for news room operations.


mEdit is an audio editing module which is tightly integrated to mCollector.


mLogger is used to record radio station broadcast on an external drive or computer hard drive.


mStreaming delivers live audio over the internet.


This system enables the agencies to book their orders directly and upload materials, view transmission certificate and invoices without any delay.

mStudio Mobile AppsmStudio Mobile Apps

mStudio Mobile Apps built for all the leading smartphone platforms, provides richer much more engaging radio listening experience on the go.