Disaster and Emergency Warning Network


 World's First GSM based Early Warning System 

World's first GSM based & Sri Lanka’s first mass alerting and early warning system, DEWN was born in 2005 as a consequence of intense research and development undertaken immediately after the horrendous tsunami. DEWN is an inspiring collaborative product of Microimage Mobilemedia, Disaster Management Center, University of Moratuwa and together with Dialog. The mission of DEWN is to create safety among communities by alerting people about imminent disaster hazards, traffic and weather conditions. This entirely non-commercial undertaking is a wonderful example of multi-sector entities merging their strengths to develop a high-quality product under the theme of Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D). All encounters of Sri Lanka could now utilize DEWN and get notified of any impending threats due to natural calamities or human created disasters.