The Disaster and Emergency Warning Network (DEWN) is a suite of GSM based technologies, devices and methodologies based on an end-to-end GSM implementation.

DEWN uses a suite of GSM network based and device based GSM technologies to alert citizens of impending disasters. DEWN supports SMS/Cell Broadcast activated GSM remote-alarm devices, cell broadcasting to GSM Handsets and multi-lingual SMS. Alerts are issued through a secure computer application where the text, geographical area and recipients (individuals or groups) can be selected for the message. The interface between this application and the GSM Network entities (SMSC/CBC) is done via a message broker. The messaging system supports the internationally accepted Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) with the ability to easily integrate other generic alerting mechanisms.

The development of DEWN was spearheaded by Dialog Telekom and supported by project partners Microimage and the Dialog-University of Moratuwa Mobile Communications Research Laboratory. The proof of concept has been successfully installed and demonstrated in partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka.

Microimage was involved in overall design as well as component design & development. Microimage developed the required multi-lingual alerting client for mobile handsets and also developed the DEWN message broker middleware. The DEWN message broker middleware connects to SMSC (for SMS) and CBC (for Cell Broadcasting). It offers host of features with advance configuration and customization capabilities. DEWN middleware application is a web based application.

Microimage designed components includes, - Java based multi-lingual/multi-alarm Alerting client - Symbian based alerting client for Cell Broadcast based alerting - Design & Development of advanced middleware & related application.

DEWN won many local awards and was recognized by GSM World Awards as commendable Solution. Also it was featured in many publications, seminars and conferences. It’s been deployed for many pilot disaster and early warning projects. The disaster management center of government of Sri Lanka is in the process of deploying the solution.

More details on DEWN could be obtained by visiting DEWN – Innovation for inclusion Site.