How it works


DEWN is a free service. During an impending disaster situation, it will be used to first alert the emergency personnel on their individual phones thereafter once a threat is sufficiently verified the public alerts will be disseminated.

Often deployed on GSM technology with outbound messaging via SMS, Cell broadcast, Mobile app notifications etc. DEWN is also compliant with internationally accepted common alerting protocol (CAP), thus it can be used to dispel customized alerts to any recipient instantaneously.  The secured DEWN alerting interface rests with the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) of the Disaster Management Centre. Once information regarding a disaster is received by the DMC, the information is verified, and thereafter customized alerts (with message text and recipients specified) are dispatched. Messages can be received by mobile phones or the specially developed DEWN Alarm devices. Short Messaging Service (SMS) will be used for directed messages while Cell Broadcasting will be used for mass-alerts. Cell Broadcasting is also suitable for post-disaster operations since it is immune to network congestion.


 Process Diagram