Janaka joined Microimage in 2001 as a software designer. Janaka belongs to the category of self-made programmers where he self-thought programming and electronics from a very young age. He has developed numerous software applications utilizing his self-thought coding talents since then. He later completed a diploma in computer system design at National Institute of Business Management Sri Lanka.

Janaka became the program manager for Microimage HCM Products giving leadership to development of product modules such as Time & Attendance, Payroll and Employee Self Service.In 2004, Janaka was one of the key members of the team who engineered the first ever Radio Automation product in South Asia where he was the technical lead for innovative console applications. Later he became the Program Manager for Microimage Mobile Media after it’s incorporation in 2007.He was leading the broadcast software & solutions team since then. Janaka became head of broadcast solutions in 2012 and was instrumental in driving innovation in the Broadcast Software space at Microimage Mobile Media.

Rohan Jayaweera, is a technology thought leader with proven track record of business development by leveraging technology platforms. Rohan was the first employee of Google for Sri Lanka & during his time he helped brands, organizations & Sri Lanka government to develop its digital practices. He has APAC experience in eco-system & partner business model development & management. Rohan also has strong track record in sales & marketing.

Rohan has Bachelor of Science in electronic & telecommunication from University of Moratuwa, Professional postgraduate diploma in marketing from CIM U.K. & a MBA in International Business from Australia. He is currently studying for his second Masters. Rohan also holds a professional certification on global strategy from INSEAD.

Rohan is passionate about entrepreneurship. He is a popular key note speaker, presenter, moderator for countless events & was invited to speak at the inaugural TEDx in SL on entrepreneurship. Rohan runs his own business as well.

Shan joined Microimage in 1998 as senior software engineer after returning from his entire education in India. He was an extremely talented programmer with greater interest for research and new technology breakthrough’s. He became the chief technical officer of Microimage in 2000 and was responsible for many technological innovations of the company. He was leading and driving the mobile division of the company since 2004. Shan joins Microimage Mobile Media as the chief technical officer with full time involvement with mobile & media solutions. He has a Bachelor Engineering (Computer Science) – 1st Class from Bharathithasan University in (Trichy, India). He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional. 

Duxion joined Microimage in 2003 as a software designer after his education at Institute of Technological Studies. He was an extremely talented programmer with greater interest for research and new technology breakthrough’s. He became the Asst. Manager - Radio Automation Solutions of Microimage Mobile Media when it's been venturing out from Microimage and was responsible for radio automation solution innovations of the company. He was leading and driving the media division of the company till 2012. Duxion became Head of R & D of Microimage Mobile Media with full time involvement in research and development of mobile & media solutions since 2013.

Suren joined Microimage in 1996 after high school. He is a key player in the overall technology strategy and operations. He is an outstanding technical expert with a diverse technology background in enterprise systems architecture, databases, business intelligence, system design, UI’s etc. With 18 years of experience and passion for creativity he is a specialist in business processes, process re-engineering and project management. He is a Director and Chief Operating Officer of Microimage. Suren is a passed finalist of the British Computer Society (BCS). He loves Music from 60’s to 80’s and enjoys photography in his leisure time.