Media Archive System

vArchive - Media archive solutions that run the vArchive software are totally non - proprietary, conforming to IT industry standards throughout and seamlessly interfacing with your changing standards-based digital infrastructure.

Industry-standards protect your investment by providing compatibility with your network and applications.

  • Standard Network protocols.
  • Industry standard file security.
  • Industry standard HP ProLiant servers.
  • Microsoft® Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Enterprise operating system.
  • Add high-performance cluster-able Windows-powered file System (cluster services pre-installed).
  • Integration into your Windows environment is easy.
  • Your antivirus and backup applications run right on the box, and management has a familiar look and feel.
  • Make more efficient use of storage space using the file de -duplicating Single-instance Storage (SIS) feature and enjoy the benefits of other storage-specific tools like Indexed Search, Quotas, File Screening, Storage Reporting, and Distributed File System (DFS) Replication.
  • In mixed environments, you get the flexibility of heterogeneous support for additional protocols like NFS, HTTP, FTP, and WebDAV.
  • It's running Windows, so it integrates natively into your Active Directory (AD) .
  • You can manage and troubleshoot from outside the office at both the operating system level (with Remote Desktop or HTTPS) and at the platform level (using Integrated Lights -Out with the included Advanced Pack License).
  • Unlimited Client Access Licenses (CALs) included.

 Software Functionality

  • File transfers at many times real time.
  • Ability Backup Video Media & Meta Data in Archived Database
  • Ability to Restore Video Media & Meta Data to Play-out Server
  • Ability to Preview Archived Media
  • Ability to Permanently delete Video media & Meta Data from Archive
  • Ability Search Media from Title, Category, Author / Owner, Date, etc..