vStation Switch Feed is a product which can Automate a Blackmagic Video Router, Switching with a pre-defined schedule. It supports routing of any configured Input to and configured Output according to the schedule and also it supports manual routing.

Microimage vStation Ad Feed (AF) is a full – featured Advert Insertion Solution. It supports manual Ad Insertion and fully Automated 0 – tone based Ad Insertion. This solution allows broadcasters the ability to Insert local commercials and replace commercials in incoming feed Live. The product can delay the Input up to 5 Seconds for manual Ad Insertion or Zero (0) delayed Auto Ad Insertion.

This Solution can be deployed for any DTH, Cable or IP TV Broadcaster who intends to generate additional revenue through local advert insertion.

Microimage vStation Video Feed (VF) is a full – featured Video Automation system. This solution can be deployed with and DHT, Cable or IPTV Broadcaster who intends to automate their Play Out.

The vStation VF platform comes with a comprehensive suite covering an innovative Play Out Console,  Commercial Traffic Scheduling & Billing, Content insert and Management  information. Apart from video Play Out, Play Out Console supports insertion of animated logos, static logos, Crawlers, squeeze ads etc... 

Microimage vStation Live Feed (LF) is a full featured Interactive 3G/4G participation TV Solution. This Solution allows Broadcasters the ability to put 4 (Four) 3G/4G callers live on TV. Participants can see/Listen what’s going on TV on their mobile and participant can interact with each other Live.

Apart from participation, Broadcaster can Broadcast Live Events receive via 3G/4G mobile also can introduce a delay before broadcasting for security purpose and also this solution supports titling or put nice frame around video.