Architecture & Technology


Microimage was involved in the overall design as well as component design & development. We developed the required multi-lingual alerting client for mobile handsets and also developed the DEWN message broker middleware.  DEWN middleware application is a web based application. It connects to SMSC (for SMS) and CBC (for Cell Broadcasting) and it offers many features with advanced configuration and customization capabilities.

In Celebration of the 10th year of Tsunami, Microimage redesigned & developed the DEWN platform with a new architecture. The UI was redesigned to support a modern look & feel. The new UI is designed with the best practices for sending disaster messages in mind with Google Maps integration for disaster location & gathering point identification.

Apart from the new UI, DEWN Version 2 issues alerts in many different formats; has full functionality for Cell Broadcast on 3G networks, issues SMS messages and allows message acknowledgement. Accessibility requirements have been addressed, improving access for those with visual or hearing impediments further Android App was designed to support message dissemination to the general public.
DEWN supports Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) which is an XML based data format for exchanging public warnings & alerts between alerting solutions.  CAP allows a single warning message to be circulated concurrently over a wide variety of DEWN which comprehend and could process CAP-formatted messages. Because it is a “write-once, use everywhere” format, CAP can impressively increase warning effectiveness even as it simplifies the task of creating and distributing the warnings messages.



How DEWN works